Suite 8, Steenberg House, Steenberg Office Park, Silverwood Close, Tokai, 7945, Cape Town,  South Africa

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Anchor is a Cape Town based group of companies offering ecological and socio-economic assessment, research and monitoring to inform environmental management and policy. Our work encompasses ecology, livelihoods, economics, ecosystem services and natural capital accounting; it straddles marine, estuarine, freshwater and terrestrial realms; and it addresses decision-making, planning, policy and strategy regarding conservation, rural and urban development, resource allocation and management and climate change. Anchor is made up of Anchor Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd and it's subsidiary, Anchor Research and Monitoring (Pty) Ltd, which is focused on black economic empowerment through joint ownership with an education trust.



Our expertise

We have considerable in-house experience in a wide range of tools and methodologies, including ecological sampling methods, social survey methods, statistics and econometrics, ecological-economic modelling and geographic information systems.

We have published more than 140 scientific papers and we regularly participate in conferences. We also draw from an excellent network of associates as required. Our facilities include a well-equipped lab, boats, 4x4 vehicles and field sampling equipment, our own library and access to the University of Cape Town’s library services. Our strong academic background and continued association with the University of Cape Town strengthens our capacity-building efforts. We have developed and carried out training courses in marine ecology, fisheries management, resource economics and determination of freshwater inputs for estuaries. Anchor staff also regularly supervise postgraduate university students and teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UCT.

Company Profile

Our clients

Our clients include a diversity of stakeholders involved in the environmental sector including industry, government and non-governmental organisations operating from local to international scales. Our geographic experience encompasses southern, eastern and western Africa, in Asia and the Middle East.

  • World Bank, UNDP, UNEP,
  • IUCN, Conservation International, World Conservation Society,
  • Global International Waters Assessment Programme,
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Worldfish, Namibia Nature Foundation,
  • International Government - DEFRA UK, Dubai, EU, SADC, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, LHDA, Tanzania, US Dept Energy,
  • AECOM Washington, ERM,
  • Flora & Fauna International, MRAG UK, Hagler-Bailey Pakistan,
  • Local municipalities & IDZs, Provincial government,
  • National departments, funds and commissions - DAFF, DEA, SAON, SANBI, DST, DWS, WRC, Planning, FFC, NEF, NRF, Lotto, Transnet NPA,
  • Botanical Society, C.A.P.E., IUCN,
  • START Programme, WWF-SA,
  • GIBB, Jeffares & Green, Nemai, NWJ, Southern Waters, SRK, SSI,
  • Industry (aquaculture, fishing, offshore mining, onshore mining, developers, renewable energy, shipping, sugar, environmental technology developers),
  • Afridev, Chand, CES, Doug Jeffery, Freshwater Consulting Group,