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Fisheries, Aquaculture, Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Business

We assist clients in assessing the status of natural resources, sustainability of existing use, and the design of optimal harvesting strategies which take the socio-economic context into account. We provide advice and assistance to new entrants and existing operators in biodiversity business such as mariculture, helping them to maximise their economic returns.


  • Coordination of the Research Component of the Subsistence Fisheries Programme (Marine and Coastal Programme, South Africa)
  • An investigation of commercial trek-netting in False Bay (Marine & Coastal Programme, South Africa)
  • Human utilisation of the Diep Estuary and impact of bait collecting activities (South Peninsula Municipality, South Africa)
  • Effects of exploitation on populations of wonder worms (Marphysa sp.) and other invertebrates (UCT, South Africa)
  • Guidelines for estuary management to maximise economic value (CapeNature, South Africa)
  • Harvesting protocol and management plan for the experimental octopus fishery (Marine & Coastal Management, South Africa)

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