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Environmental Flow Assessments

Anchor staff have made a major contribution to developing the method for classifying and determining the freshwater requirements of rivers and estuaries. We offer specialist expertise in the estuarine and socio-economic components as well as in the design and use of analytical tools for integrated river basin management.


  • Environmental flow assessment of the Pangani River Basin, Tanzania – ecological and socio-economics components (Government of Tanzania)
  • Co-Development of the Resource Directed Measures (RDM) methodology for determining the management class and freshwater reserve for estuaries under the new Water Act of 1998 (DWAF, South Africa)
  • Specialist inputs on birds for Estuarine Flow Requirement and RDM studies on the St Lucia, Knysna, Swartvlei, Goukamma, Groot Brak, Nahoon, Swartkops, Kromme, Seekoei, Breede, Palmiet, and Olifants estuaries (DWAF, South Africa)

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