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Environmental Impact Assessments

we offer skills in the running of entire EIA projects from inception to final completion as well as offering specialist input on economics, fish, birds and invertebrates in collaboration with other consultancies.


  • Upgrade of the I&J Abalone Farm at Danger Point (I&J, South Africa)
  • Risks to marine life and human health resulting from disposal of contaminated groundwater from the Umbogintwini waste disposal site (AECI, South Africa)
  • Impacts of the Soetwater Mariculture Project on the marine environment (South Africa)
  • Environmental scoping study for the construction of a haul road and bridge crossing the Buffels estuary (De Beers Namaqualand, South Africa)
  • Investigation into the toxicity of the water in Table Bay Harbour, with particular reference to possible leakage of hydrocarbons from quay walls (Transnet NPA, South Africa)
  • Disturbance of benthic macrofauna assemblages caused by fish factory pollution (Sea Harvest, South Africa)
  • Replanning the northern area of Fish Hoek, with emphasis on the impact of the fish fauna of the Silvermine
  • Estuary (South Peninsula Municipality, South Africa)
  • Specialist Study on Fish for the EIA for the upgrade of Thesens Footbridge, Zandvlei (South Peninsula Municipality, South Africa)
  • Environmental impact assessments of marine diamond mining in the Namibian island and mainland concessions, involving subtidal and intertidal surveys of flora and fauna (Ocean Diamond Mining, Namibia)
  • Ecological impact of beach diamond mining on benthic macrofauna communities in the Sperrgebiet, Namibia. Phase 1: Baseline surveys (NAMDEB Diamond Company, Namibia)
  • Assessment of benthic and littoral communities for the Möwe Bay fishing port project, Namibia (Government of Namibia)
  • Ecological impact of fines disposal and marine diamond pumping operations on the surf fish assemblages of the Sperrgebiet, Namibia (NAMDEB Diamond Company, Namibia)
  • Contributions to the ARCO/ENTRIX Environmental Impact Assessment: A review of the marine fauna and flora of Sofala Bay, Mozambique with an assessment impact of seismic surveying (ARCO, Mozambique)
  • Assessment of the impact of offshore drilling activities on fish populations and fishing activities in Sofala Bay, Mozambique (ARCO/SASOL, Mozambique)
  • NAMDEB Wet Overburden Mining Operation Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan (NAMDEB Diamond Company, Namibia)
  • Assessment of the impact of the Environmental Experiential Centre at Bortjiesrif, Cape Point (SANParks, South Africa)
  • Specialist study on birds for EIA on Thesen Ilsands, Knysna (Developer)
  • Specialist studies on birds and marine ecology for EIA of Shelley Beach (Doug Jeffrey Env Consulting)
  • Specialist study on economics for EIA of road upgrade at Knysna estuary (Coastal Environmental Services)
  • Specialist resource economics study for an EIA of the Maguga Dam, Swaziland (Government of Swaziland)

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