Uganda's physical and monetary Ecosystem Accounts

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The World Bank

Anchor compiled Uganda's Physical and Monetary Ecosystem Services and Asset Accounts 1990-2015 on behalf of Uganda Bureau of Statistics. These summarise the physical and monetary value flows of ecosystem services and the ecosystem asset values for each of 10 major ecosystem types. Values are summarised at national scale, for each of the country‚Äôs eight major river basins, and for its current (as at 2022) 146 local administrative units (135 districts and 11 cities).  The ecosystem accounts quantify ecosystem services from all ecosystem types including cultivated and planted areas, urban areas and man-made lakes as well as natural (or semi-natural) terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  Spatial models were developed to quantify and value the supply of ecosystem services from different ecosystem assets across the country.  The spatial models were used to highlight the spatial variability in the supply and use of different ecosystem services even within a given ecosystem type.  Finally, the ecosystem monetary asset accounts were created to account for changes in the value of ecosystem assets across the accounting periods.